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Other Services

Smart Phones

(Android support only - the only help we can give you with your iPhone is to help you get an Android phone :) - Today's "phones" are miniature mainframe computers that could easily pilot a rocket to the moon.  Setting them up, syncing with the cloud, and fully utilizing all of their incredible features isn't for the timid or the new user.  We can help!

Gaming Consoles

Today's game consoles are virtual minicomputers and setup isn't always easy..


Did you know you could run almost all Android apps on your Windows desktop?  You'll need Windows 7 or higher and setup isn't wholly intuitive - contact us for help and you'll be running Android apps on your touch screen Windows PC in no time!


Root, ROM, overclock?!  What is all this stuff?  We can clear the air on topics about all sorts of customizations to your nifty tablet (Android platform support only).  Want to remotely access your desktop computer from your tablet? No problem. Want to access 'root only' apps? We can help.